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Answering the Call

Exploring Your Unique Response To America’s Racial Reckoning


with Greg Thomas and Jewel Kinch-Thomas, Jazz Leadership Project
and Amiel Handelsman, Executive Coach

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

4:00pm-5:30pm PDT  |  5:00-6:30pm MDT  |  7:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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Discover what has inspired you to step up
to heal America’s racial wounds

It’s been over a year since George Floyd’s murder. Although much has happened in the world, your heartfelt commitment to act remains clear and strong.

Yet it isn’t obvious how to put your best foot forward or what more you can do. And it’s easy to get knocked off balance.

We live in a polarized environment that reduces complex challenges to simple stories. Each story provides partial guidance—expressing key perspectives yet denying others. Each story also assigns you a role. If your authentic voice doesn’t fit into this role, it can be difficult to know when to express it.

What if racial healing, inclusion, and justice aren’t problems to solve or loyalty oaths to take but parts of a journey that we take together? Like any journey, it starts with answering a call. Why does America’s racial reckoning matter to you? What actions naturally flow from your gifts and life experience?

Answering your own call and identifying where it comes from helps you find your footing and connect with your unique voice.

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In this free live event, we'll explore three dimensions of your calling and how to root them in  your life experience and American history:

  • The Call To: What is the contribution your heart yearns to make to your communities and the world?
  • The Call Upon: What distinctive virtues, strengths, and assets can you bring to this complex challenge?
  • The Call Through: What stories, feelings and physical sensations within you need healing (and growing through) in order for you to bring your best?

This event offers a preview of our six-month course, Stepping Up: Wrestling with America's Past, Reimagining Its Future, Healing Together, which begins on October 6th. 

We are excited to share this time with you.

Join us for Answering the Call!

"Amiel, Greg, and Jewel offer a nuanced approach to one of the most urgent issues of our time—a refreshing alternative to simplistic blame, guilt and denial. I have passed around Amiel’s papers and am grateful these fine people are leading the way."

Jennifer Garvey Berger,
CEO of Cultivating Leadership,
Author of Simple Habits for Complex Times

"In Reimagining American Identity, Greg Thomas, Amiel Handelsman, and Jewel Kinch-Thomas pay tribute to the genius of Albert Murray and his unique Omni-American vision. Their insightful analysis and optimistic outlook for the future evolution of American culture is inspiring."

Steve McIntosh,
Author of Developmental Politics and
President of the Institute for Cultural Evolution

"JLP's use of jazz as an analogy, a metaphor, a technique for working together is broadly applicable to any type of leadership role where the success of the organization is dependent on effective teamwork."

Duane Hughes,
Former Managing Director,
JPMorgan Chase

“It was an uplifting experience to learn with and from Amiel, Greg, and Jewel in the group “riff” they facilitated about the attack on the U.S. Capitol. The broad and compassionate perspectives they shared went way beyond most common interpretations. While Jewel and Greg are a married couple, they bring distinct voices and complementary perspectives.”

Susanne Cook-Greuter,
the world’s leading expert in mature ego development and self-actualization

“Amiel created a powerful space for the Sawubona team, which is helping to bring adult development to the Caribbean, to explore how we connect and collaborate with each other. He helped us slow down, take the risk to be seen, and connect authentically across our differences. Amiel provides a wonderful example of using power and gifts for good.”

Akasha Saunders,
Founder of Sawubona
Co-facilitator of Leading Inclusively Lab @ Cultivating Leadership

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Our Team

Amiel Handelsman is a seasoned executive coach with 20+ years of experience helping organizations navigate complexity. His clients have ranged from Fortune 50 companies to inner city community development organizations. He has coached leaders from multiple cultures around the world. Amiel recently appeared on the Coaches Rising podcast to discuss how to heal America’s racial wounds. He holds a B.A. in Public Policy Studies from Duke University and an M.B.A. from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Amiel lives with his wife and two children in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Jewel Kinch-Thomas COO and Co-Founder of the Jazz Leadership Project, has over 20+ years of experience in executive management. Her work is designed to optimize leadership capacity and accelerate team development for heightened workplace engagement and high-level performance. Jewel is an alum of Columbia University’s Arts Leadership Institute, New York Foundation for the Arts Leadership Circles, and the Women & Power: Leadership for the 21st Century program at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Greg Thomas as CEO and Co-Founder of the Jazz Leadership Project, executes the vision and values of jazz into strategic action during organizational workshops. Greg has been instrumental in developing and facilitating humanities programs for top cultural organizations such as Jazz at Lincoln Center. As a journalist, he has written on jazz and democratic life for publications such as Areo, New Republic, The Root, New York Daily News, and his blog, Tune In To Leadership; and has presented on culture and race at institutions such as Columbia, Hamilton, and Harvard.

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